Since 1984

The word “custom” is a keyword that Delta Contract has built its name upon, lasting more than 20 years in the marine sector and hospitality. with the successes that have allowed this company to grow into becoming one of the most active in the market of contract lighting, we want to share our experience, and that’s why we’ve created this range of products containing 20 years of our presence in the market of lighting. Look at References.

We have diversified the materials that make up these new collections with an innovative design that perfectly match the needs of the hospitality sector. these new lighting fixtures, as well as all the standard delta contract products, are fully customizable in sizes and finishes.

There are many other strengths that make this company one step ahead of the others.

In the end, with the team that makes the realization of technical drawings and data sheets possible in less than one week after the receipt of the first sketch by the customer, delta contract and its new catalogue are the ideal partners for all segments of the marketplace, including from the initial drawing to the customer’s satisfaction at the end of the project.






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